Monday, September 24, 2012

An ad that contains consistency repetition alignment and proximity. I love the  creativity of this ad  its different and i love how it starts huge and ends small. Like the picture could go on forever. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Comfortable or Lazy?

Chris Anderson's comic The Long Tail, has shown us how much our world has evolved and changed in the past thirty years. In todays society there is not a thing that we can not find on the web. Movies, music, information for school, absolutely anything, we can find on the Internet. Back in the day people where only given a couple options and they had to live with what they were given. Instead of bringing people to the tv shows and music, it is now brought to us with just a click. Music on the internet has become so personalized that instead of having someone pick the music you listen to, we now can not only download music for free, but choose just exactly what we want to listen to and when. It may be comfortable and easy now, but is it helping us? I am not complaining whatsoever, but what exactly is it doing for us as a society? Making us lazy? Dependent on a computer or smartphone for everything. Imagine what life will be another 30 years from now.