Monday, November 12, 2012

-The crowd pressed forward on Tuesday night to watch the soldering contest as it entered its final stages. A dozen men, gripping hot irons, sweated over circuit boards
Their goal: win a race to assemble a primitive remote control. The prize: a lump of clear resin embedded with flashing blue L.E.D.s.
-Something new is happening in the Silicon Alley night. A decade ago, a typical party for New York techies would be held at a glitzy club to celebrate the start of a Web site. There might be minor celebrities, go-go dancers, an open bar and pricey giveaways all to build brand-awareness, which, it was believed, would somehow, someday, lead to profitability.
-The dress was informal with men in T-shirts and loose pants and women in the same or in casual summer dresses. A doorman was on hand only to check identification, not to collect a cover charge or to wield a velvet rope.
-At that meetup, after a quick mingle and drinks from the cash bar, the crowd of about 200 sat under the disco ball to join a town hall discussion on the future of Web video.
A new movement has come along " A new way of Partying"

Friday, November 9, 2012

Live Blog notes 11/09/12`

Illustarting a point one at a time viually
People remember it better that way

Pecha Kucha -
 20 slides
 20 seconds a peice
Japense word for Chatter

you will compose within a specific genre/milleau
you will organize your composition
storyboard via Note Cards or table or slides
rhetoical incorporation of images
build the gitial presentation

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This is when things are grouped together and they are related. When things are not organized and grouped together it can be confusing and lack unity. This organization can over power color.

Alignment helps organize design also. It makes things more uniform and cohesive. What you are trying to convey will be stronger with alignment- like a year book. Alignment has implied and actual lines.
"Repeat some aspect of the design throughout the entire piece."
This can used in color, alignment, or an element that repeats.
this makes things stand out from one another

dark vs. light
thick vs. thin
tall vs. short

Monday, October 29, 2012

Real or Fake?

About 99.9 % of all photos in Magazines have been photo shopped
-you can take 10 years off in a picture.
Even leads up to eating disorders.
Its not really who you are, they are transforming you into something your not.
Being about to take off blemishes and sun spots
Changing the way your body even looks. (weight and even body mass)

I think there should be a warning label on all touched up photos.
They are portraying this image or idea or someone that isnt necessarily true.