Monday, November 12, 2012

-The crowd pressed forward on Tuesday night to watch the soldering contest as it entered its final stages. A dozen men, gripping hot irons, sweated over circuit boards
Their goal: win a race to assemble a primitive remote control. The prize: a lump of clear resin embedded with flashing blue L.E.D.s.
-Something new is happening in the Silicon Alley night. A decade ago, a typical party for New York techies would be held at a glitzy club to celebrate the start of a Web site. There might be minor celebrities, go-go dancers, an open bar and pricey giveaways all to build brand-awareness, which, it was believed, would somehow, someday, lead to profitability.
-The dress was informal with men in T-shirts and loose pants and women in the same or in casual summer dresses. A doorman was on hand only to check identification, not to collect a cover charge or to wield a velvet rope.
-At that meetup, after a quick mingle and drinks from the cash bar, the crowd of about 200 sat under the disco ball to join a town hall discussion on the future of Web video.
A new movement has come along " A new way of Partying"

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